Leopoldo Gout

Leopoldo Gout

Leopoldo Gout is a film director, film producer, composer, author and painter. Born in Mexico, he studied Contemporary Art at Central Saint Martins in London, and now resides in New York City.

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Ghost Radio World

From the cramped bowels of a dimly lit Mexican radio station, Ghost Radio is beamed onto the airwaves. More than a call-in show to tell scary stories about vampires and poltergeists, Ghost Radio is a sanctuary for those sleepless denizens of the night, lost half way between this world and the next.

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Recent Transmissions:

“The perfect book to curl up with when the TV news goes beyond horror.”

– The Agony Column

“Ghost Radio is a MUST READ!”

– Fox Early Morning Show

“Ghost Radio reminded me of early Stephen King — Carrie and Pet Sematary and The Dead Zone. The story sticks with you long after you’ve finished the final page.”

– James Patterson

“A thrilling literary and visual experience, this contemporary ghost story set in Mexico is a fast-moving and enjoyable read. The story and writing style recall early Stephen King and Joe Hill’s Heart-Shaped Box.”

– Library Journal

“Ghost Radio is the supernatural answer to FIGHTCLUB”

– Fangoria


Los Deathmuertoz “Subo”

“A deliciously creepy yarn … Gout’s fusion of radio-show culture and paranormal occurrences produces a winning compound.”

– Booklist

“A first novel that moves with deserved confidence into Stephen King territory … Palpable, almost visible cross-cultural creepiness that never lets up: very smart thrills.”

- Kirkus Reviews